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Concealed Water Closet Royal Model Flushometer, for Metcraft® Series
100 Combination Fixtures.

Quiet, Concealed, Diaphragm Type, Rough Brass Closet Flushometer for
either left or right hand supply with the following features:
• Metal Non-Hold-Open Push Button
• 1" I.P.S. Wheel Handle Bak-Chek™ Angle Stop
• Adjustable Tailpiece
• Vacuum Breaker
• Elbow Flush Connection and Coupling for 11/2" NPT Back Inlet (for
connection in the pipe chase - flush connection through the wall not
provided by Sloan)
• Low Consumption flush accuracy controlled by Para-Flo™ Inside Parts Kit
• Handle Packing, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker to be molded from
PERMEX™ rubber compound for Chloramine resistance
• Exposed parts Chrome Plated

L Dimension
Specify the “L” Dimension for the proper length of the Push Button Assembly. The “L”
Dimension is equal to the Wall Thickness (to the nearest whole inch) plus 4¾".

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