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Zurn ZERK-CPM AquaSense E-Z Flush Automatic Retrofit Kit for Closet and Urinal Valves

ZURN ZERK-CPM E-Z Flush AquaSense® Retrofit Kit- The AquaSense "A" E-Z Flush Unit is designed to provide automatic flushing for urinal and/or water closet flush valves.

The Zurn AquaSense® E-Z Flush is the most installerfriendly
flush valve retrofit kit on the market today. Not only does E-Z Flush allow you the fastest and easiest changeover, but E-Z Flush gives you the tools, batteries, and adapters to start and complete the job. Unlike other kits that limit themselves to the number of manufacturers and models they can retrofit, the unique handle port mounting feature of the E-Z Flush makes it the most versatile flush valve retrofit available today. Once installed, E-Z Flush provides trouble-free automatic flushing for both the building owner and the user.

Zurn ZERK-CPM AquaSense E-Z Flush Automatic Retrofit Kit for Closet and Urinal Valves, Features:

• 6VDC motor actuator with automatic infrared sensor
• User-in view L.E.D.
• Low battery indicator light
• Switchable 24 hour auto-flush and three second delay flush to deter false flushing
• 10 degree angled sensor for optimum user detection
• High impact resistant polycarbonate housing
• Impact resistant glass lens and chrome plated metal cover
• The unit comes complete with 4 "C" size batteries, wrench for installation and allen key for the battery compartment.
• The E-Z Flush electronics are ultra energy efficient for optimal battery life.

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