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· All-in-one system with exposed piping and accessories
· Enclosed hose reel (B-7222-C01) with EB-0107 blue spray valve
· Vacuum breaker (B-0966)
· Shut-off control valve (0RK3)
· Wall mounted mixing faucet (002832-40)
· Includes 36" (922 mm) flexible connecting hose
· Shipped with all components needed for installation

B-1433-01 same as B-1433 except with B-7232-01 open hose reel
B-1433-02 same as B-1433 except with 20" flexible hose supply and free spin quick-connect
B-1433-04 same as B-1433 except with front trigger water gun
B-1434-RG all-in-one system with exposed piping and accessories; includes B-7142-01 hose reel, 8" wall-mount mixing faucet, shut-off valve (0RK3), vacuum breaker (B-0966) and flexible water supply hose

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