Water Regulators

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600XL-12 wilkins,wilkins 600-1/2,600-1/2,600 1/2"pressure reducing valve wilkins pressure reducer,12-600
600 Pressure Reducing Valve 1/2" Lead Free
Price: $148.63

70XL Pressure Reducing Valve 1" Lead Free
Price: $137.24

950XLT2-1 wilkins,ZURN,950XLT2,zurn 950xlt2,backflow preventer,Double check valve assembly
Double Check Valve Assembly w/Top Access 1"
Price: $242.73

975XL2-12 Wilkins,ZURN,12-975XL2,wilkin 975XL2-12,wilkins 975XL2 1/2,BACKFLOW PREVENTER,PRESSURE REDUCER
Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly 1/2" Lead Free
Price: $469.91

NR3-12XL Wilkins Water Pressure Reducing Valve,NR3-1/2,NR3 1/2",12-NR3
Water Pressure Reducing Valve 1/2" Lead Free
Price: $92.59

wilkins RK2-720a,zurn,wilkins repair kit, vacuum breaker repair kit
Price: $112.88

Zurn Wilkins 2" Lead-Free Cast Bronze Wye Type Strainer
Price: $132.67

350XL-112 zurn,wilkins,350,350XL,backflow preventer,DOUBLE CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY
Price: $583.91

375-114XL wilkins,zurn,375,REDUCED PRESSURE PRINCIPLE ASSEMBLY,pressure reducer,375-114xl,114-375xl
Price: $782.59

600XL-34 wilkins,wilkins 600-3/4,600-3/4,600 3/4"pressure reducing valve wilkins pressure reducer,34-600
600 Pressure Reducing Valve 3/4" Lead Free
Price: $151.10

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Products 21-30 of 93

Water pressure regulators are designed as a plumbing safety feature that maintains water flow while keeping the water pressure from getting too high. Water pressure is an absolutely essential component of a properly running plumbing system. In general, water pressure should be about 40 pounds per square inch and have 60 PSI.

Without water pressure regulators, modern plumbing would simply not be possible. In residential settings, water pressure regulators are generally located near the water main outside a home. A commercial building is more likely to have several water pressure regulators that handle water flow and adjust to pressure based on elevation. In general, higher levels of water pressure are needed the higher up the floor of the building. It’s very important to not underestimate the vitality of water regulators. Too much pressure can lead to leaks and even explosions in some cases.

Double Check Valve Assembly

The double check valve assembly is an important safety feature in water pressure regulators. It prevents backflow and keeps water supplies from becoming contaminated. These parts work based on to principles: one serves as backup if the other is jammed open, and both work together to provide a protective seal to prevent leaks. In commercial and industrial scenarios, the double check valve can often be found in fire sprinklers, combi boiler systems, or lawn irrigation. Our double check valve assembly parts can keep your commercial plumbing needs running smoothly and without interruption.

Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly

The reduced pressure zone device is another safety feature of water pressure regulators that prevents backflow and contamination. These are used in many water applications but not generally put in practice when it comes to human waste disposal operations. A facility that requires constant water pressure will need two reduced pressure zones running parallel to each other so that one is always available for use, even if another one is down for repairs. We carry reduced pressure principle assembly parts to keep yours up and running, without any lapse in this safety feature’s coverage.