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732-VB665PSHCP Chicago Faucets,732-VB665PSHCP,Angle Urinal Valve with Riser
Angle Urinal Valve with Riser
Price: $185.82

733-665PSHCP Chicago Faucets,733-665PSHCP,Straight Urinal Valve with Riser
Straight Urinal Valve with Riser
Price: $157.00

733-CP Chicago Faucets,733,733-cp,Straight Urinal Valve
Straight Urinal Valve with Riser
Price: $248.71

733-VB665PSHCP Chicago Faucets 733-VB665PSHCP,Straight Urinal Valve with Riser
Straight Urinal Valve with Riser
Price: $185.82

A-71 Sloan,A-71,0301168,Sloan Plastic Inside Cover
Plastic Inside Cover
Price: $7.35

A-72 A-72,0301172,Sloan Outside Cover, Polish Chrome Plated
Outside Cover, Polish Chrome Plated
Price: $23.95

A-72RGH A-71,0301173,Sloan Outside Cover,Rough Brass Finish
Outside Cover,Rough Brass Finish
Price: $23.00

B-32A B-32A,5302279,Sloan Complete Handle Assembly
Complete Handle Assembly
Price: $13.76

B-39 Sloan B-39,5302297,Hycarbon Handle Seal
Hycarbon Handle Seal
Price: $1.39

Sloan Handle Assembly for Royal Valve, ADA Compliant
Price: $18.30

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Products 11-20 of 217

Flushometers make the commercial use of toilets more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Finding the right flushometer toilet is as easy as browsing our selection of more than 200 flushometer parts and fixtures. We carry quality parts and models from trusted names like Sloan, Zurn, and Chicago Faucets. Though this technology has been around for well over a century, its efficiency is constantly evolving to make commercial bathroom fixture use more efficient.

What are Flushometer Toilets?

Unlike a residential toilet, a flushometer toilet relies on water pressure from the water source itself to cleanse itself and flush the water from the bowl. A single flush from a flushometer uses a lower volume stream, therefore saving you money and energy. There are two basic flushometers: diaphragm and piston valves. Water is released through a valve when water from a high-pressure and low-pressure chamber is released. Flushometers make great sense for industrial and commercial use.

Sloan Flush Valves

With more than 100 Sloan flush valves and other flushometer toilet parts, we are the one-stop shop to fill your order. Our Sloan flushometer models are quiet and easily concealed, and some models have an adjustable tail piece. We carry prison-specific models, repair parts, bedpan washers, repair kits, electronic flush valves, and hydraulic flushometers from this trusted brand.

Zurn Flush Valves

We carry a wide variety of Zurn flush valves, including more than 80 models and parts. From electronic and manual valves to repair kits and parts, our Zurn flush valve selection has the parts you need for prices you can appreciate. Many selections have warranty options as well, making the decision to buy from us a smart one.

Browse flush valves and other flushometer parts from Sloan, Zurn, and many other great brands right here at Pacific Plumbing.